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Members Attended the 1st Meeting of the SEA Games Federation Group
That was Held in Bangkok on 8 April 2010, comprising
At the Back Row (Left to Right) –Mr.Edmund Lim, Ms.Low Beng Choo, Mr.Charoen Wattanasin,
Mr.Arie Ariotedjo, Dr.Varin Tansuphasiri and Mr.Le Duc Tu
At the Front Row (Left to Right) – Prof.Hoang Vinh Giang, Mr.Khin Muang Lwin,
Maj.Gen. Charouck Arirachakaran, Mr.Kasem Inthara and Mr.Chaiyapak Siriwat


PRESENT              :                     MAJ GEN CHAROUCK ARIRACHAKARAN                          THAILAND
                                                MR CHAROEN WATTANASIN                                         THAILAND
                                                MR CHAIYAPAK SIRIWAT                                              THAILAND
                                                DR VARIN TANSUPHASIRI                                             THAILAND
                                                MR ARIE ARIOTEDJO                                                   INDONESIA
                                                MR KASEM INTHARA                                                   LOAS
                                                MS LOW BENG CHOO                                                 MALAYSIA
                                                MR KHIN MAUNG LWIN                                               MYANMAR
                                                MR EDMUND LIM                                                       SINGAPORE
                                                PROF. HOANG VINH GIANG                                         VIETNAM
                                                MR LE DUC TU                                                          VIETNAM
1              Welcome Address
1.1               Maj Gen. Charouck welcomed and thanked all members for taking time off their busy schedule to attend this first meeting of the SEA Games Federation Working Group for the formation of the proposed office of the SEA Games Federation.
1.2               Maj Gen. Charouck informed the meeting that this meeting was called as a follow up on the approval given by the SEA Games Federation Council in Laos on the formation of a SEA Games Federation office in Bangkok and to work out the details of the operation requirements of the proposed office.
1.3               Mr Charoen Watanasin added that the Proposed SEA Games Federation Office is an office to help move the SEA Games Federation forward and it belongs to all SEA Games Federation members. The set up of the office should be simple and effective.
2              Name of the Proposed Office
2.1          Thailand NOC proposed that the office should be called “SEA Games Federation Co-Ordination Office”. However, several members felt that this could be confused with the office of the various SEA Games Organising Committees. The key concern was that if this is a co-ordination office, it could be deemed to have diluted the role of the SEA Games Organising Committee’s office.
2.2          Mr Arie Ariotedjo of Indonesia reiterated that if the name of this proposed office in Bangkok is the “SEA Games Federation Co-ordination Office”, it could be sensitive to the Governments of the various SEA Games Organising Committee, as this could mean that the Organising Committee would no longer have the authority to make decisions but had to defer any decisions to this “Co-ordination Office”. Mr Arie further emphasized that the matters discussed here should be tabled for a decision at the next SEA Games Federation Council meeting to be held in Indonesia.
2.3          Mr Kasem of Laos opined that there are already international and regional offices for sports bodies, eg. the IOC and OCA, these are all full fledge offices of the international or regional bodies. Even ASEAN has an office, why should the SEA Games Federation be any different. Mr Kasem emphasized that it is time for the SEA Games Federation to have a more permanent office rather than to move around every two years. He felt that this office should just be named as “SEA Games Federation Office” or “SEA Games Federation Headquarters”.
2.4          Ms Low Beng Choo of Malaysia said that the title of the office is just a name, which we would get use to in time. The key thing would be to make the role of this office clear for all, so that they would be no confusion between the roles of the various SEA Games Organising Committees.
2.5          The meeting noted the points raised and agreed to propose the following proposed names for this office in Bangkok for the SEA Games Federation Council’s decision:
i)                    SEA Games Federation Office; or
ii)                   SEA Games Federation Secretariat.
3              Proposed Terms of Reference
3.1          Thailand NOC circulated the following as the proposed activities and functions of the “Proposed SEA Games Federation Co-ordination office” for discussion purposes:
i)                    To act as the SEAGF Co-ordination centre;
ii)                   Management of Finance and Privilege of SEAGF;
iii)                 Information and Public Relations of SEAGF;
iv)                 Sports Development Coordination of Member Countries;
v)                  Coordination with the SEA Games Host Country Secretariat; and
vi)                 Coordinating, organizing the meetings and reporting to the committee for acknowledgement.
3.2          Prof Hoang of Vietnam opined that one of the key tasks of the office must be to look after the international relations for the SEA Games Federation, and suggested that this office work with the United Nations to jointly promote our programmes and also to further the cause of the SEA Games Federation. Mr Khin Maung Lwin of Myanmar agreed that the international relations aspect is important. Mr Arie suggested that this office could organize coaching courses for the entire South East Asian region, as there could be economies of scale if such courses are conducted as a regional programme instead of a national one. The meeting agreed that international relations should be an integral part of the function of the proposed “SEA Games Federation office”.
3.3          The meeting discussed at length on the proposed terms of reference for the proposed “SEA Games Federation Office” and agreed that the objective of this proposed office is to act as the SEA Games Federation’s secretariat, management and administration office, with the following detailed terms of reference be put forth to the SEA Games Federation Council for approval before implementation:
i)                    To coordinate with and support the organizing committee of the SEA Games host country and secretariat;
ii)                   To coordinate sports development programmes for the SEA Games Federation member countries;
iii)                 To act as an information hub for the SEA Games Federation Members, including data collection and archives for the SEA Games Federation Council;
iv)                 To manage the finances, rights and privileges of the SEA Games Federation;
v)                  To promote, develop and maintain public and international relations with sports bodies and other organizations including but not limited to the United Nations;
3.4          The meeting also agreed that the period for the office to remain in Bangkok to be for a period of 8 years with an option for extension, subject to the approval of the SEA Games Federation Council. This proposal of 8 years is to let the staff hired for the office to have some sense of continuity.
4              Structure of the Proposed Office
4.1          The meeting agreed that the structure of the proposed office should be simple but effective as mentioned from the onset by Mr Charoen Wattanasin.
4.2          Thailand NOC suggested that Gen Charouck should be appointed as the chief of the office. The meeting while agreeing for Gen Charouck to be chief of the office, there should be full time executive staff appointed to work on the day-to-day tasks of the office.  
4.3          The meeting concurred that Gen Charouck with his background knowledge of the SEA Games could be the chief of the office, with his key task to work on the set up of this office. The meeting also agreed that if the set up of this office is endorsed by the SEA Games Federation Council, it should then proceed to hire a Director or a CEO to work on the various projects of the office. The meeting agreed that the work for this proposed office is massive and it is important to prioritize which areas are to be addressed first.
4.4          The meeting agreed that Gen Charouck should proceed to work out the tasks which the office would undertake and the number of staff required upon its inception, for discussion at the next meeting of this working group. The tasks established could subsequently be used as the job scope and key performance indicators of the full time executive staff.
4.5          The meeting also suggested for Gen Charouck to inform the SEA Games Federation member NOCs the vacancies available within the set up of the proposed office and sought for candidates from the respective member NOCs, if applicable.
4.6          The meeting also agreed that upon the inception of the proposed office, Gen Charouck shall report directly to the SEA Games Federation Council on the operations of this office. This proposed office could eventually replace the Executive Committee of the SEA Games Federation. However, details of this have to be further discussed.
4.7          Prof Hoang suggested that if Gen Charouck is the chief of this proposed office, we should propose that we change the SEA Games Federation Charter to indicate that the chief of the office be appointed as a Vice President of the SEA Games Federation Council. He reiterated that Gen Charouck is an important person as he is concurrently holding the appointment as Secretary General and Vice President of the Thai NOC and at the same time Gen Charouck is also a Vice President of the Olympic Council of Asia. His appointment as Vice President for the Council is important as this would put him in good stead to deal with international personalities. 
4.7.1      The meeting felt that being appointed as the chief of the SEA Games Federation Office the status of this office is already high enough as Gen Charouck would then be representing the entire SEA Games Federation Council. After a lengthy discussion, the meeting suggested that Prof Hoang proposed this change to the charter at the next SEA Games Federation Council meeting as he deemed fit.
5              Operation Budget for the Proposed Office
5.1          The meeting noted that the operation budget for the office is currently borne by the Royal Thai Government, although there was no term specified for this funding, the members felt that there is a need for the office to be able to generate revenue and that the office should look into a revenue model for the longer term.
5.2          The meeting agreed that there should be some form of marketing and rights management set up for the SEA Games Federation, so that this office could generate income in the longer term.
5.3          Mr Chaiyapak Siriwat informed the meeting that Mr Chris Chan of Singapore had presented a marketing plan for the SEA Games Federation in 2007 and had also brought several marketing agencies from Singapore to present their proposal on marketing of the SEA Games to the Council. Mr Chaiyapak requested that Mr Chris Chan surface those plans again so that the proposed office could revive the matter and work on it. Mr Edmund Lim informed the meeting that he will convey the request to Mr Chris Chan.

6              Any Other Matters
6.1          Intellectual Property Registration of the SEA Games Logo
                Mr Edmund Lim raised the question on the registration of the SEA Games logo. The meeting agreed that the SEA Games Federation logo should be registered in all 11 territories of South East Asia Games. The registration should be done by this proposed office as it should eventually be the “owner” of the SEA Games Federation logo. This office could seek the assistance of the various NOCs to assist with the registration in their respective territories.
6.2          SEA Games Federation Council Approval and Endorsement of this Proposed Office
                The meeting requested Mr Arie Ariotedjo to put on the “Progress Report by the SEA Games Federation Working Group for the formation of the Proposed SEA Games Office” into the agenda for the next SEA Games Federation Council meeting, schedule to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia in May 2010.
There being no other matters, the meeting ended at 1230pm. The next meeting of the working group would be held from 5 to 7 May 2010 in Bangkok. The invitation will be sent out by Gen Charouck.
Minutes recorded by            :               Mr Edmund Lim
Inputs by                             :               Ms Low Beng Choo