General Prabhas Charusathiara
President of the Olympic Committee of Thailand
at the Opening Meeting of the Council Members of
South East Asia Peninsular Games Federation
at Sala Santidharm


            I consider it a great honour  to have the opportunity to open this initial meeting of the Council Members of the South East Asia Peninsular Games Federation. This is the fist time the distinguished Council Members have met together in Bangkok I wish to extend a warm welcome to each of you and also to express my most cordial thanks to you individually, your respective National Olympic Committees, and your Governments for active cooperation that has made the SEAP Games possible.

            I am equally appreciative of the full understanding of the ideals of the Games shared by the National Olympic Committees and your Governments, an understanding which contributes so immeasurably to be ready and healthy cooperation by all. These ideals are essentially of two folds: first, to strengthen the friendly relations that happily already exist among the countries that lie in the Peninsula ; and secondly, to seek in improving the skills of our athletes so that they might reach the high level of competitive performance. I feel confident that our present effort towards organizing the SEAP Games will enable us to attain these goals.

            The purpose of the Olympic Committee of Thailand in inviting you to attend the present meeting is to enable us to discuss and agree on matters that concern the SEAP Games to be held  in December this year. Although we met during the Third Asian Games in Tokyo in May last year, there still remains a lot of details that need to be spelled out and agreed upon, so that  the SEAP Games may proceed smoothly with the honour that befits our participating countries. It is, therefore, my earnest hope that you who represent the participating countries will have a frank and vigorous exchange of views in order to find common ground upon which final agreement may rest.

            Gentlemen, I wish to express, on behalf of the Government and the Olympic Committee of Thailand, my warm and sincere appreciation of the honour you have bestowed upon us by attending this conference. Again, I extend to each of you my hearty welcome. It is my sincere hope that your present sojourn in Bangkok, though brief, will be both pleasant and memorable. I am certain that the Olympic Committee of Thailand will do everything in its power towards this end. And if, during your stay here, you think that I myself can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am genuinely desirous that you have both a profitable and enjoyable time.

            In conclusion, I wish that this meeting proves both congenial and successful, and may each of the Council Members enjoy his stay in Thailand.